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About Us

IBGB Learning Society is a registered not for profit organization established by leading academicians with an aim of popularizing the understanding of Geography among the school children. Our mission is to spark student interest in Geography and increase public awareness about it, to educate the children about Earth and to inculcate a deep love and respect for the environment which plays a major role in their progress.

With this objective we carve out a branch of National level Geography Olympiad competition by the name “Geo Genius”. Qualified and experienced members of Geo-Genius took an initiative to investigate the geography knowledge of students of India. It was surprising that many students could not even locate India on a blank map of the world and Delhi on the blank map of India. Worse were the students between 18 years to 24 years. This result is obvious. Geography has taken a back seat to other subjects in the class room for many years. Concerned about this widespread lack of geographic knowledge; Geo-Genius organized Geography Olympiad to revive the interest in the subject among the students.

Geo-Genius organized its First and Second National Level Geography Olympiad in 2010-11 and 2011-12. The Olympiad is open to students of class 2 to 4 (sub-junior category), 5 to 7 (junior category), and 8 to 10 (senior category) and is conducted in two steps. Children initially participate at their respective schools. Gold, Silver, Bronze medals and merit certificates are awarded to the winners and a certificate of participation is given to all the participants. Students selected on the basis of cut off marks are invited for National Finals. Top three rankers of each category are awarded with Laptop, Digital Cameras and Wrist Watches. Geo Genius strives to acknowledge the efforts of all the National Finalists by awarding a Trophy and Certificate.

Our endeavour will surely be successful and together we can make it true!