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Geography Olympiad

This Geography Olympiad is intended to supplement the geography instructions students receive in their schools including Indian and world geography and to help them in preparing for higher competitive exams at national and international levels.

Geography is much more than places on a map. Geography opens the gate for boundless and lifelong learning. Knowing where places are on map is important, but the real heart of geography is understanding why people settle in a particular place, who their neighbour are, how they make a living, why they dress and speak the way they do, and what they do for fun.

1. The Geography Olympiad is open to children of Classes 2nd to 10th.
There are three categories for Geography Olympiad:
Sub Junior - Classes 2,3 and 4
Junior - Classes 5,6 and 7
Senior - Classes 8,9 and 10

2. The Olympiad will be conducted every year in two Phases. In the Phase I, children will participate at their respective schools throughout the country, during the month of December. In Phase II participants with high scores, based on cut-off will be invited to the National Finals in April.

3. Registration forms would be available in the school. Students who wish to participate needs to contact the teacher in- charge at school. Students should be registered through schools only.

4. The language medium of the Olympiad will be English.

5. Phase I is a written test with 40 multiple choice questions for Sub Junior category and 50 multiple choice questions for Junior and Senior category. There will be a different question paper, for each category.

6.There will be NO negative point for any incorrect answer. The participant will be awarded one point for the correct answer and zero for an incorrect answer. The duration to complete the test is 1 hour.