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Why Should You Participate In Geography Olympiad

The National Geography Olympiad provides a unique competitive platform to identify young geniuses and create a talent pool for the future generations. It brings out the best in you and will help cultivate a kind of analytical reasoning thinking ability in students which is useful in any examination. In addition to this, it hones up yours problem solving skills, thinking capacity, and understanding, level of knowledge and over all development of any student.

The Geo Genius National Geography Olympiad is an annual competition for the best Class 2 to Class 10 geography students from all over India. The very best of participants are chosen for the National Level II competition from thousands of students who participate enthusiastically in the own school in the Level I Geography Olympiads. The exam consists of two parts: a written test, an audio visual round test. Now you also have an opportunity to participate in the National Level II competition through project work competition.

What Is The Objective of The Olympiad?

The Olympiad is organized by Geo Genius. The aim of the Olympiad is to: stimulate active interest in geographical and environmental studies among young people; contribute positively to debate about the importance of geography as a senior secondary school subject by drawing attention to the quality of geographical knowledge, skills and interests among young people. The Olympiad consists of a school level competition, project work and a national level competition.The official language of the Olympiad is English.